Nvidia on Fire

Nvidia on Fire

When looking into what to invest in, you have to do your research. I am still grappling the concept of AI (artificial intelligence) and how it has such an influence on us. A few months ago I watched a couple of YouTube videos showing how AI services can create an actual video by giving it certain criteria. From just commands and a description, AI can create an entire YouTube video. That is when I knew that AI was going to get big. Nvidia (NVDA) was in the spotlight in terms of chips and hardware to support the AI movement. I had a feeling Nvidia will be on fire.

Being the cautious person I am, I invested in Nvidia but only with available cash at hand. From my dividends that I received from other investments, I decided to purchase a handful of Nvidia shares. NVDA started to go up and up and up. I started reading how big so many companies are now trying to integrate AI into their products and services. Amazon has a big chip order with Nvidia. Nvidia is crushing their earnings. The talk of the town is AI, AI, and AI.

Stock split! 10 for 1 stock split announced and every share that I have I get 9 additional more. Value of my investment stays the same, more shares, and lower cost. Nvidia grew so fast so quick. Is it a stock that would crash? I don’t think so. Not unless there’s some conflicting legislation or lawsuit that impacts the AI industry. From my understanding, Nvidia is not involved in the AI content rather supplies the hardware to process all the AI information. You need hardware to drive the software. Given this, I feel that Nvidia is in a great place and is going to continue to be a leading force in the GPU AI market.

Will I continue to invest in NVDA? Even after the split I have purchased more shares. My gut feeling is that it will continue to grow. AI will continue to advance and even faster hardware is going to be needed. As Nvidia develops faster chips, it’s going to help drive the AI market into a new era. Nvidia is on fire and my investments have almost tripled. Would I have wished I invested more? Not necessarily. You make decisions based on the information you have and the amount of risk you’re willing to take. If you are interested in following my journey and their journey, follow them on Instagram and email subscribe to get alerts of latest posts or follow me on FacebookInstagram, and Pinterest.

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