Costco gets me every time

Costco gets me every time

I love Costco! It has almost everything I need and want at a great price. But I can’t figure out why I leave Costco with a $300 or $400 receipt every time I shop there. If you experience the same problem, you’re not alone. Many of my friends say the same thing and many out there posting on forums say it also.

Costco is definitely doing something right when it comes to luring you into buying their items. I’ve read they invest a lot into marketing and they’re strategic about placing items in certain locations. Most customers I see are going to buy food. Where is the food section in Costco? In the back. So while you’re walking to the food section, you’re passing by everything else like clothes, electronics, sporting goods, and other items.

They sell a number of items that are seasonal like tents, bikes, ski helmets, winter gloves, beach chairs, Halloween costumes, and so on. Some items sell out quick especially the ones that are priced well. So my first instinct is to grab one before it sells out.

Another thing I noticed is that not every item is in the same place as you saw it before. Items that are on the aisle entrance are constantly switched out. You might have seen it one weekend and the next time you decide you want it, you’re wondering around looking for it. And guess what else you’re doing? You’re seeing other items that might catch your eye. And don’t forget the food court! How cheap and good is their food court!

I recently purchased a Tommy Bahama beach chair even though I already have a couple. I remember while I was in the store looking at the chair, I was convincing myself I needed another one. I looked online for the same chairs and Costco was half the price of others. Why not buy it? I convinced myself that it was a great buy and that I needed it.

I am a sucker when it comes to impulse buying. When I see a good deal or something that catches my eye, I’m always thinking a reason to buy it. We have to train ourselves to fight the impulse buy and not allow ourselves fall into it. The more we impulse buy the higher potential for us to accumulate debt. Luckily for me, I have a wife who likes to remind me whether this is a need or a want. 99% of the time she is right. Costco has a fabulous return policy so I plan to return the beach chair for a refund, not without have a nice pep talk reminder.

Whenever you shop, there’s always the tendency to impulse buy and businesses are working hard for your business. This was a great reminder that impulse buying happens all the time whether you notice it or not. Costco gets me from time to time. Many times I get things because I want it, not because I need it. The first line of defense is you so be aware of your needs and wants. If you are interested in following my journey, email subscribe to get alerts of latest posts or follow me on FacebookInstagram, and Pinterest.

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