Perks and benefits you may not have known

Perks and benefits you may not have known

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Does your work give you perks or benefits just for working there? Do you know the perks and benefits of memberships you have or just for being a customer? If not, you might want to inquire, ask a colleague, or even your Human Resources (HR) office.

What kind of perks am I referring to? Here’s some that I’ve experienced.

Discounts for my cell phone plan

All the large organizations I used to work for, they had relationships with cell phone providers. I would call up my provider and say that I worked at this company. Do you have any discounts that can be applied? Behold, they said yes!

Free anti-virus software

I have internet with Comcast and up until a couple of years ago, they provided free anti-virus software. This offer is no longer available but I inquired with my work and they have an offer of free anti-virus for one year. It’s a good idea to protect your computer.

Discounted tickets

Amusement parks are so much fun like Hershey Park, Busch Gardens, and Six Flags. My work has a relationship with Tickets at Work and they offer discounted tickets. I also found out that my local county Community Center has discounted tickets as well. Whichever is the best deal, take it. A few years back I had a business trip to Honolulu and found that a colleague of mine had access to discounted Luau tickets.

Discounted car rental

Companies and organizations have relationships with car rental companies. You would have to provide a discount code when reserving your car. Inquire with your work if something like that exists.

Car rental insurance

I typically reserve my car rentals through Costco. Being a Costco member and reserving through Costco Travel using my Costco Citi card, rental car insurance is included. Next time the rental car insurance asks if you want insurance, remember you might already be covered. Also, your own car insurance provider might provide something similar.

Discounted software and hardware

I’ve been able to purchase Microsoft Office for $10 through work. It’s such a discount than buying retail. I bought one for my PCs and for my Mac products. Desktops and laptops can be discounted as well. Again, inquire with your work.

Credit card protections

If you have credit card transactions that were not authorized by you, credit card companies will typically investigate and not hold you liable until the investigation is complete. But that’s not the only protections they offer. I had a friend who purchased new golf clubs using an American Express card and had his clubs stolen. Because it was stolen within one year of the original purchase, American Express covered the cost to buy replacement golf clubs. Great benefit to know. Police report was necessary.

T-mobile Tuesdays

If you are a T-mobile customer, you need to download T-mobile Tuesdays app. Every Tuesday, offers and discounts are offered through this app. It’s a great perk to have. I’ve redeemed discounts to Dunkin Donuts, Baskin Robbins, Shell gas, Popeyes, RedBox rentals, Kung Fu Tea, Starbucks, and T-mobile swag. I have a family of 4 mobile plan which means I get 4X the discounts. Perks add up.

I’m sure there are many more perks and benefits out there you may know. The point is that they are out there and it doesn’t hurt to ask. You might be surprised that they may be right under your nose and you never knew it. I felt that way and felt I missed out on discounts I could have taken advantage of. If you are interested in following my journey, email subscribe to get alerts of latest posts or follow me on FacebookInstagram, and Pinterest.

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