Seize the opportunity

Seize the opportunity

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We come across opportunities available to us each and every day. We need to take off our blinders and notice them. Opportunities can be knocking on our door but it’s up to us to open that door. Once opportunities are gone, they may not come again so make sure to seize each opportunity.

What opportunities am I talking about? It could be anything that helps your career, your relationships, your friendships, your financials, your network, your knowledge, your exposure, your influence, and most importantly you yourself as an individual.

Opportunity means change. There will be changes involved when seizing an opportunity. Change can be hard for some people. It can be uncomfortable, challenging, and frustrating. I believe every opportunity builds experience even though it can tough. Opportunities provide experience, experience builds character, character builds influence, influence builds exposure, and exposure provides more opportunities.

Taking on challenging opportunities may not sound appealing and it will be hard at first. You don’t realize that everyday you are building yourself up. After taking on new opportunities, you’re going to feel like you might have regretted it. Most people can relate with career opportunities. A new job opens up or an opportunity for a promotion comes up. It could mean going to a new group, working with new people, more responsibilities, more hours, more stress, more demand, etc. Behind all this, you are developing yourself and gaining experience.

The same goes for your finances. Each day we have opportunities that can make a difference. Opportunities can include investing, savings, reducing spending, eliminating debt, learning, teaching, and more. Let’s say you have an opportunity to get a promotion which comes with a salary increase. What are you going to do with that extra income? It’s an opportunity to do something with it: spend it, save it, or invest it. Saving it or investing it can open other opportunities for additional investments such as real estate investing. Now you have an opportunity to learn other investment areas and teach others after you’ve gained enough knowledge and experience.

Things available today can be gone tomorrow if you don’t seize the opportunity. For example, housing interest rates are at super lows. Many people are taking the opportunity to purchase a home or refinance before the rates go back up. Do you have an opportunity to start a business? Do you have an idea that can be profitable? Do you have an opportunity to get into investing or grow your investments? Sometimes when we don’t act, the opportunities disappear.

I seized the opportunity a number of years ago to become a landlord and start real estate investing. It was something new but an opportunity to learn and experience. Some moments were very tough and scary but the experience is irreplaceable. I took the opportunity to make investment changes by investing in Apple, Microsoft, and Costco which turned out to be great decisions. I took advantage of the time I saved commuting to work during the pandemic by creating this blog. There was a learning curve and I am still learning but again the experience is irreplaceable. During the pandemic I also took the opportunity to get healthier which turned out to be one of the best opportunity decisions I made.

We have one life to live and it’s our one opportunity to seize it and make it a good one. Opportunities are constantly knocking on our door. We either don’t want to open or just don’t hear the knocks. Opportunities will be challenging but they will give you experience. Don’t miss these opportunities because they can help shape your future for the better. If you are interested in following my journey, email subscribe to get alerts of latest posts or follow me on FacebookInstagram, and Pinterest.

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