An Investment Gift

An Investment Gift

With the holidays around the corner, are you looking for ideas for presents? Electronics, games, toys, clothes…are these on your shopping list? How about giving something not so common…an investment gift. Who says you need to buy some material item to be considered as a gift? Why not gift a stock?

When I graduated high school, I received a certificate for some category I can’t remember (possibly most likely to succeed or something) and it came with a $50 bond. Little did I know what this really was. I did know after 10 years I would be able to cash it in because that’s what it had written on it. I didn’t get a trophy or a plaque. I received a $50 investment.

Past 10 years later, I decided to cash it in and I remember I didn’t get as much as I thought it would have. I did get at least the value of the bond ($50) and with the growth over time I got around $70. Not much from the scheme of things but it’s close to 25% growth.

My point is that giving the gift of an investment is just as good as an actual toy, electronics, or a game. If you’re not sure what to give someone as a present, why not look into giving them a share of a company. My brokerage company has a way to give a securities as a gift. Your brokerage may have a way to gift as well.

Instead of getting a $100 pair of shoes as a gift, how about a share of Google? A pair of shoes will last a year or so. A share of Google will last much longer and could be worth more down the road. I know it doesn’t have all the excitement, not able to open a wrapped box, ripping the wrapping paper, excited to see what the present is.

For me, I never forgot about the $50 bond because I always wanted to make sure I reach the maturity date so I could cash it. It was always in the back of my mind. All the toys that I received though, eventually went into the trash.

If you get a share, how cool would it be to see it grow? It’s like gardening and watching your plants and flowers grow from a seed. You’ll see your share go up and down, and in the background you’ll rooting for the share to keep growing.

If you’re struggling on what to give someone a present, consider an investment. Not all presents have to be a material thing. If you want to introduce someone into investing, why not start them with an investment gift by giving them a stock. If you are interested in following my journey, email subscribe to get alerts of latest posts or follow me on FacebookInstagram, and Pinterest.

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