Always check your bill

Always check your bill

When you go shopping, dine out, or get a quick drink, do you actually look at your bill to see if you were charged correctly? There are occasions where I ordered an appetizer and it never came out. Yet, it was still on my bill. If you don’t check, pay, and leave the location, it’s going to be hard disputing the charge afterwards. Make sure to always check your bill before you leave and before you pay.

Accidental charges happen and sometimes it’s not an accident. Regardless, unless you actually review everything you purchased you won’t know for certain if you were over charged, mischarged,  undercharged, or charged correctly.

Yes, it is a hassle sometimes. When you have a grocery receipt that has 50 items, are you going to check if everything was charged correctly? I would say try your best. I experienced that an item that was discounted was charged at full price. Before I left the store, I went to check on the price and went straight to the customer service desk.

When you are dining out, cities and districts have different tax laws that you should be aware of. Some cities apply additional taxes and/or fees at restaurants. Where I live is standard sales tax at restaurants but if I go into the city, the sales tax is almost doubled.

If you’re dining with a large party, some restaurants will apply gratuity automatically. When you receive the bill, you’ll probably see a line for Tip even though gratuity is already applied. If you’re not aware of this, you might be double tipping.

Whether you’re eating out, at the dry cleaners, grocery store, clothing store, and elsewhere, always check your bill before you leave. Make sure you understand every charge and that you received every item on it. If you are interested in following my journey, email subscribe to get alerts of latest posts or follow me on FacebookInstagram, and Pinterest.

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