What will your future self say to you?

What will your future self say to you?

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If only I can go back in time, I’d do it differently. A common saying you may have heard or even thought about. Every time I think about the future and past, it always reminds me of the movie series “Back to the Future.” Time travel and the ability to change the past or the future. We all know that time travel isn’t real…or is it? If you ever had the chance to talk to your future self, what do you think he/she would say to you? Good job? Horrible job? Need better life decisions? You made the right decisions?

We make decisions based on current information. Does our income support buying a new car? Can we afford this house? Can we live off a single income? Can we go on this vacation?

We also make decisions with the information we have and we don’t know if it’s a good decision or not. Is this company good to invest in? Should I buy stocks or mutual funds? Should I start a business? Should I start a side hustle? We don’t know what the future is and we don’t know how our decisions today will affect us tomorrow. Risk is part of life, the risk of doing something and the risk of not doing something.

I had my share of good investments and bad investments. I invested in Apple before their stock split in 2020. I invested in Costco and I’ve doubled my investments. I also had my share of not-so-positive investments so far…keyword is “so far.” My focus in 2021 was to invest in Tesla. I’m negative but I’m still staying positive on the future of Tesla and the EV industry. With the gasoline shortage crisis, I have a feeling that the EV industry will grow bigger. I’ve made decisions based on the information that I had.

So what will your future self say to you? Should have taken more risks? Should have invested in this or that? Should have kept going with your side hustle? Should have started that business idea? Should have changed careers? Should have sold that stock? I hope my future self will say that you did ok…that my investments and investment strategy was good and that my future turned out well because of the life decisions I made. If you are interested in following my journey, email subscribe to get alerts of latest posts or follow me on FacebookInstagram, and Pinterest.

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