When things break don’t forget about the warranty

When things break don’t forget about the warranty

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I hate when things break and more importantly I hate it when it costs me money to fix or replace. When you hear the word “warranty” you might be thinking of big ticket items like a car, refrigerator, maybe a computer, or television. I’m writing this to let you know that many things you buy probably have some warranty on it. When things break don’t forget about the warranty. Don’t just go start replacing things or fixing things on your own without looking into whether warranty exists or not.

Besides using the warranty on my car, I realized that most things I buy have some sort of warranty. Appliances, electronics, toaster, lawn mower, sump pump, and other items have warranties. Last year I purchased an air fryer and I use it on a daily basis. Recently, it started to glitch and stop working randomly. My first instinct was to look for a new one, maybe a newer model came out, and see how much it would cost me. I called Cuisinart customer service, explained my situation, and they said they would send me a replacement. No arguing, no haggling, they just said we’ll send you a replacement.

I purchased new Schlage combination locks for my home and they work great. For some reason after a year or two, they stop working. I called up Schlage customer service and they replaced my locks multiple of times. I didn’t realize they had a limited lifetime mechanical warranty but I only found that out by calling them. The very first time my lock stopped working, I purchased a replacement. When that broke, I told myself I’m not buying another one and called their customer service.

Other things I’ve had replaced under warranty are my blender, my sump pump, my monitor, dehumidifier, camera, and these are just the ones I remember. Your first instinct shouldn’t be to find a replacement. Your first instinct is to see if you can have it fixed or replaced under warranty. Even if you might think the warranty period passed, there’s no harm or foul to just ask. I think companies want to keep a good reputation and if it’s in their power to keep a customer satisfied, they’ll do what it takes to keep you satisfied. Because I use my air fryer so much, I’ve recommended this make and model to others. When things break don’t forget about the warranty. Little things you can do to save money will go a long way. If you are interested in following my journey, email subscribe to get alerts of latest posts or follow me on FacebookInstagram, and Pinterest.

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