Small life tricks that save you money

Small life tricks that save you money

We all have tricks up our sleeves when it comes to life hacks. Trying to find the best deals, find the best investment, and doing things more efficiently are just a few things we try to do to make life easier. What are some of the small life tricks that save you money? Here are a few things from my life

Save your shopping bags and boxes

Do you online shop and love getting packages at your door? You’ll either get something in a plastic package or cardboard box.  What do you do with them? Don’t throw them away, use them for other purposes. My county doesn’t take plastic bags to recycle so I have to throw them away.

  • Use the plastic bag as a small trash bag. This has helped me save on buying trash bags.
  • Use the plastic bag as a dog poop bag. This has helped me buy dog poop bags.
  • Save cardboard boxes for kids projects. Trust me, kids need them for school.
  • Use cardboard boxes for storage. I use my boxes to store my ornaments, decorations, and other things that need storing.
  • Save the protective bubble wrap, air bags, and anything that helps protect your packages. You might need them when you ship packages out yourself.

Buy gender neutral clothes

If you have sons and daughters, buying clothes get expensive. Being able to pass on clothes from one child to the next helps save but you don’t want to put girl clothes on a boy and vice versa. Buying neutral colors can help you pass those down.

Buy junior clothes

Adult sizes are more expensive than adult sizes. If you’re an adult small, try seeing if you can fit in a junior XL or XXL.

Buy prepared food at the end of the day

When you go to the market, they have prepared foods that just need to be sold and they’ll discount it to get rid of it. Find those discounts.

Use rechargeable batteries

I use rechargeable batteries all the time. It’s saved me from constantly buying regular batteries. I use rechargeable batteries on my wireless keyboard/mouse, clocks, and other small electronics.

Know what your health insurance covers

My health insurance covers basic dental service. I don’t need to apply for supplemental dental insurance since all I need is basic cleaning twice a year. My health insurance covers it.

I know there are so many other life tricks that have a financial benefit. Finding those and adopting them into your life will help you on your financial journey. What tricks do you have? If you are interested in following my journey, email subscribe to get alerts of latest posts or follow me on FacebookInstagram, and Pinterest.

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