Don’t mix personal feelings with your finance decisions

Don’t mix personal feelings with your finance decisions

I know smoking is unhealthy so I don’t smoke. I do know that there is a smoking market globally and many people do smoke. So, I invest in Phillip Morris and Altria, companies that have been around for a long time with a history of high dividends. Historically, the companies have been impacted by regulations and lawsuits, and their stock prices have fluctuated. However, their dividend yield is very strong and that is one reason why I have positions with them. Do I think people should stop smoking? Absolutely. Do I think that smoking is unhealthy? No doubt. Will I think people will stop smoking? Not at all. It’s a financial decision to invest in it, not a personal one. Don’t mix personal feelings with your financial decisions.

Altria (MO) has a dividend yield of 7.27% and Philip Morris (PM) has a dividend yield of 4.93%. Each year  their dividend payout has increased which makes them a worthy dividend stock. Although the stock price has declined, the total value did go down. This also makes it very appealing to buy at a lower price to get the same dividend yield.

When Tesla started trading on the stock market, I didn’t invest in it. Although I was really interested in renewable energy and reducing the amount of pollution we put into the air, Tesla was never profitable. I wanted Tesla to succeed but at the time, I didn’t think it was time to invest in it. Once they announced they were profitable, I slowly started buying shares in them. I put my personal feelings aside and looked at Tesla as a company and their performance.

I’m very into tech and I know there’s a huge market between Apple, Microsoft, and Google. On a personal note, I am biased to Apple and Google. Yet, I do know that Microsoft is also a worthy investment. Without any bias or personal feelings, I invested in all three anticipating that all three will have growth and value.

You may see yourself get caught up and investing in a stock because you may have a feeling or a bias towards it. I always say to do your own research before making any investments. Know what you may be getting into, the risks, and benefits. Also, don’t mix personal feelings with your finance decisions.

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