Next Level Side Hustle

Next Level Side Hustle

Do you have side hustle or thinking about trying to start one? Well, I have 2 kids who started a side hustle and it has been a great experience for them. They are learning how to take their talents and make it into a side hustle. From the very first beginning steps to their first sale, they are learning and growing. Recently, they sold at a farmers market and it was like next level side hustle for them.

My daughter loves to read and loves to doodle on her laptop. I told her to use her laptop for something more than just internet browsing. Sure enough, she started to draw pictures and eventually ended up making her first bookmark. She started to make different types of bookmarks and gave them out to friends which they loved.

Who knows about her bookmarks? That’s where the marketing happens. We opened an Instagram account Designed by K and she started posting away. She eventually opened an Etsy account and continued to market on Instagram. She gets so excited when there’s a sale and hopes that everyone starts to read more.

My son followed his sister’s footsteps and picked up a hobby over the pandemic. He started crocheting. He started really simple making coasters. Then he started getting into more difficult projects and started making dolls. He’s really good for his age and everyone’s amazed.

Who knows about his crochet? That’s where the marketing happens. We opened an Instagram account Crochet by C and we started posting away. He’s been getting orders from friends, giving them out as gifts, and made some sales. He gets so excited when someone asks for a doll.

To prepare for the farmers market, they planned and prepared for it weeks ahead trying to get their bookmarks and dolls ready. It was a hit and both kids were so successful…so successful they are scoping for the next farmers market. Not only did they have good sales, they learned about the buyers experiences. They experienced those who weren’t interested, those who had an interest but didn’t want to buy, and those who did make a purchase.

Why didn’t those who came to the booth but didn’t make a purchase? We taught the kids that you have to learn from this experience and learn what sells and what doesn’t. They also saw other vendors and their setup with custom signs, appealing tables, and so on. All great points they will take back for them to get them to that next level side hustle.

If you have a talent and wanting to create a side hustle, go for it. I’ve seen my children start from an idea, to creating prototypes, and now getting orders for their products. One thing I said to them is not to be content with what you have done. There’s always room for improvement. There’s always something to learn to take your side hustle to the next level. If you are interested in following my journey, email subscribe to get alerts of latest posts or follow me on FacebookInstagram, and Pinterest.

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