Holiday Hacks

Holiday Hacks

Christmas season is here which makes your wallet cringe a little from all the spending you’ll be doing. This doesn’t have to be a worry all the time. There are a few things I do around the holidays to help my wallet out from a few holiday hacks I’ve learned over the years.

What to do with those unwanted gifts?

If you received a present that is not exactly something you want or need, don’t worry. Here are a couple  of ideas and don’t open the item just yet.

  1. Re-gift the present for a different occasion
  2. If it comes with a gift receipt, return it. If it doesn’t come with a gift receipt, try to find where it sells. Some retailers will accept your return but will give you store credit.
  3. Sell it. Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist are just two of many ways to post your item and sell it.  Don’t expect to get full price and definitely be ready to negotiate.
  4. Donate it. The year isn’t over and there are a number of charities that would benefit your donation. Plus you can potentially write off your donation during your tax filing.

Go Christmas shopping after Christmas

After any holiday, and Christmas is not exception, everything goes on sale and are marked down because retailers want to sell off their inventory. Christmas lights, ornaments, candy, decorations, clothes, and so on will all likely go on sale. Be ready to go early the next day because they sell out quick.

Negotiate your internet service price

The holidays comes with deals and I’ve seen so many commercials for mobile phones and internet providers looking for your business. I just chatted with my internet service provider to see if my monthly bill can be reduced. With so much competition, I inquired to see what can be done to keep me as a customer. I was able to upgrade my internet speed for the same price. It doesn’t sound much but like I always say, every penny counts.

Start planning for summer vacation

It might be a ways out but start thinking about your summer vacation plans. Because it’s so far out, you might be able to find deals. I found flights to Grand Cayman under $400 round trip. That’s a bargain! Not only that, I accumulated points through my credit cards travel programs that my flights were reserved using points. You might be able to find holiday deals.

I’m sure there are more holiday hacks out there. Take advantage of holiday hacks that can financially benefit you. It’s a once a year thing. If you are interested in following my journey, email subscribe to get alerts of latest posts or follow me on FacebookInstagram, and Pinterest.

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