Keep track of the price

Keep track of the price

Let’s say you’re grocery shopping and you have a cart full of items. You try to get the best items at the lowest price. As your cart fills us, you lose track and you have no clue how much each item costs. Not until you see your receipt. Then again, how many people actually look at every item on the receipt? Or do you just look at the total? How do you know that what you bought was the right price? One thing to try is to keep track of the price for anything you buy.

I went to the market to buy juice. I only bought this one item so I knew what my price was going to be, $6.49. After checking out the item came out to $6.99. I paid for the item because I didn’t want to hold up the line but I then immediately went back to the aisle to check on the price because I was almost positive that it was $6.49.

When I returned to the aisle, I was right. The price at the register was wrong and it rang up the wrong price. I took a picture of the price and went to customer service to get the difference. My grocery store is really good about making up for mistakes like this. They refunded the entire amount and let me have the juice for free. That definitely made my day!

If I had a cart full of groceries, would I have been able to detect the price mistake? Always try to keep track of all the items you purchase and remember their prices. If it takes a few more minutes to go back to an aisle to check on the price, it could save you. And if you realized a price difference after you left the market, bring the receipt back and check on the price. Speaking of receipts, there are a number of apps that will give you rewards just for uploading pictures of your receipt.

No matter what you’re purchasing, keep a mental list of what you’re buying and their prices. Does it match what you are paying for? Keeping track of the price will save you in the long run and don’t think it’s a waste of time. If you are interested in following my journey, email subscribe to get alerts of latest posts or follow me on FacebookInstagram, and Pinterest.

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