Microsoft Has A Rewards Program

Microsoft Has A Rewards Program

Ever think that a huge company like Microsoft would be in the business of giving you rewards for taking pictures of your receipts and interacting with their services? I didn’t until I came across Microsoft Rewards. Microsoft is trying to bring people to use their products and services so what better way than to offer a rewards system. You earn points by taking polls, quizzes, uploading receipts, searching with Bing, and others. Microsoft has a legitimate rewards program.

I’ve been earning rewards points by interacting with their site and searching using Bing. Google dominates the search engine space and I primarily use Google for all my searches. What I’ve been doing recently is using Bing to search and my rewards points increases. I already redeemed my points to buy a Microsoft add-on so I can view HEIC files natively in Windows. Otherwise I would have had to download a third party application.

Bing has also integrated an AI piece to it. A search will return you a long response other than links to websites. You can interact with it using the website or with an App.

Rewards include gift cards, Microsoft credits, Microsoft swag, and more. In order to start you need to create a Microsoft account, log into your rewards page, and start interacting.

Don’t think that this is going to get you rich quick. Most of the receipts I upload give me $.01. Microsoft wants you to interact with their products and services, and they’re giving some incentives to do so. I’m actually starting to use Bing and interacting with their rewards site more and more because I want to accumulate rewards points. Microsoft has a rewards program and they’re making the interaction worth it. If you are interested in following my journey and their journey, follow them on Instagram and email subscribe to get alerts of latest posts or follow me on FacebookInstagram, and Pinterest.

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