Side Hustle Kidpreneur

Side Hustle Kidpreneur

What’s a Kidpreneur? Kid + Entrepreneur = Kidpreneur

I actually have 2 Kidpreneurs in my household. During the pandemic, my kids were home and had to keep themselves busy. Not knowing exactly what they wanted to do, they tried various things like cooking, gardening, YouTubing, and more. The two things that stuck were making bookmarks and crocheting dolls. Who knew they had this interest and the talent. They both got really good at what they do and created a side hustle out of it. It’s amazing how they took a hobby, turned it into a side hustle, and now turned into a Kidpreneur.

My daughter loves to read and loves to doodle on her laptop. I told her to use her laptop for something more than just internet browsing. Sure enough, she started to draw pictures and eventually ended up making her first bookmark. She started to make different types of bookmarks and gave them out to friends which they loved.

Who knows about her bookmarks? That’s where the marketing happens. We opened an Instagram account Designed by K and she started posting away. She eventually opened an Etsy account and continued to market on Instagram. She gets so excited when there’s a sale and hopes that everyone starts to read more.

My son followed his sister’s footsteps and picked up a hobby over the pandemic. He started crocheting. He started really simple making coasters. Then he started getting into more difficult projects and started making dolls. He’s really good for his age and everyone’s amazed.

Who knows about his crochet? That’s where the marketing happens. We opened an Instagram account Crochet by C and we started posting away. He’s been getting orders from friends, giving them out as gifts, and made some sales. He gets so excited when someone wants to buy a doll.

Watching kids take an idea and build a side hustle business is amazing. They are learning all aspects of making a product from conception, material costs, designing, prototyping, marketing, customer engagement, customer feedback, customer acquisition, and more. Having a side hustle Kidpreneur will give them experiences they will leverage for their future. If you are interested in following my journey and their journey, follow them on Instagram and email subscribe to get alerts of latest posts or follow me on FacebookInstagram, and Pinterest.

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