Find Less Expensive Alternatives

Find Less Expensive Alternatives

I’ve been writing about all the ways I’ve learned to save and earn money. My dad always said that earning money is long and hard, spending it is fast and easy. How to keep your money in your pocket is the name of the game. One way is to find less expensive alternatives. In the beginning this might feel uncomfortable but in the long run, it will help you financially. Will you be able to keep the same lifestyle? It all depends on your perspective.

Here are some less expensive alternatives I’ve adopted

  • Instead of joining a gym, I follow YouTube fitness channels and exercise at home
  • Instead of buying coffee, I’ll make coffee at home
  • Instead of watching the latest movies in theaters, wait till the movies get released to rent
  • Instead of buying lunch, I’ll pack my lunch
  • Instead of buying vegetables, I grow my own vegetables
  • Instead of buying drinks, just drink water
  • Instead of buying the latest laptop, re-purpose an older one and use a no-cost operating system like Ubuntu
  • Instead of buying name brand, buy generic
  • Instead of buying things full price, wait till it goes on sale
  • Instead of getting the fastest internet provider, look for slower speed plans that cost less
  • Instead of flying on high fare airlines, fly with low fare airlines
  • Instead of staying at 4 star hotels, try staying at 3 star hotels
  • Instead of buying books, go to the library and rent them
  • Instead of buying new, try buying used

These are just a sample of the things I’ve tried and I’m sure I’ll be finding more alternatives to come. Trying to find less expensive alternatives is just one technique to help build your financial growth. It will take some to adjust doing things differently. Once you see the long term effects you will appreciate adopting this type of technique. If you are interested in following my journey, email subscribe to get alerts of latest posts or follow me on FacebookInstagram, and Pinterest.

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